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1. The artist sculpts the statue in clay.

2. From this, a mold is made by coating the clay statue with rubber, supported by an outer plaster jacket

3. The clay is destroyed by this molding process.

4. Wax is poured into the mold, making a reproduction in wax of the initial sculpture.

5. This hollow wax model is then hand finished by the artist, repairing imperfections, holes,seams and bubbles.

6. Wax conduits of vents, gates, and a pouring cup are attached to the wax model to allow the flow of wax and metal.

7. An investment core is poured into the wax figure.

8. The wax model is dipped in finely granulated ceramic for several days to form a ridged- outer shell.

9. The wax is melted out of the shell, leaving a void, "Lost Wax Process".

10. Molten bronze is poured into the cavity of the mold.

11. After metal is cooled, the outer shell is broken away

12. The network of conduits is cut away from the figure.

13. Casting imperfections are repaired by grinding, filing and welding.

14. The bronze is then sandblasted.

15. Hot or cold oxides are applied to the bronze.Their chemical reaction with the metal creates a variety of colors,
      called the patina.

Each statue, no-matter how small, goes through this entire process.

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