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La Commedia Dell'Arte

Harlequin - A very delicate sculpture in bronze with polychromed colors. Arlecchina is the sculptor's female version of Arlecchino, the darling of the Italian Commedia dell'Arte.

Dimensions: 12" high - bronze

Punchinello - Pulcinella, is quick, witty, and boastful. A lovable rogue, the intention of his actions are often difficult to interpret. The rose in his hand could be a gesture of serious affection or ... flattery. His first appearance in the Italian theatre dates back around 540 AC.

Dimensions: 14" high - bronze

La Commedia Dell 'Arte

This page shows the rediscovery of La Commedia dell 'Arte. Italian comedy dates back to 62 B.C. in Rome, where legitimate theatre played side by side with variety shows and circus productions. La Commedia dell 'Arte originated in Italy after the Dark Ages at the Renaissance, in the 16th century.

The Falconer - Pulcinella in typical pose of the middle-ages. The hawk is part of a game or perhaps .. part of court intrigue. The character of Pulcinella, a noble man with often unpredictable intent, includes a beak-like nose, floppy shirt, and conical hat.

Dimensions: 20" high - bronze

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